miércoles, 25 de abril de 2012

The Wanted "Chasing The Sun" (Music Video)

La verdad es que, siendo The Wanted una boy-band, me costaba darles una oportunidad. "All Time Low" despertó mi curiosidad y "Glad You Came" me gustó bastante. Con "Chasing The Sun" me ha pasado casi lo mismo, porque al principio no me entraba, pero con la segunda escucha, me ha gustado también. Ayer se estrenó el videoclip, con un final sorprendente, que no significa original.

The truth is that, being The Wanted a boy-band, was hard for me give them a chance. "All Time Low" aroused my curiosity and I liked pretty much "Glad You Came". With "Chasing The Sun" happens almost the same, because at the beginning I didn't like it too much, but with the second listening, I liked it too. Yesterday was released the music video and has a surprising end, and that doesn't mean original.

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