viernes, 4 de mayo de 2012

Rye Rye "Better Than You (feat. M.I.A.)"

Cómo os dije, Rye Rye, además de en "Sunshine", ha colaborado tres veces más con M.I.A. para su disco y éste "Better Than You" es el primero que se filtra. Con la base del "Anything You Can Do" de Ethel Merman, hace una grandísima canción hiphop que, unida a la tribalidad que añade siempre M.I.A. a las canciones, hacen de esta canción, una de las probables mejores canciones de "Go! Pop! Bang!".

As I said to you, Rye Rye, besides "Sunshine", has collaborated with M.I.A. three more times for her album and this "Better Than You" is the first one which leaks. With the sample of Ethel Merman's "Anything You Can Do", makes a very great hiphop song that, with the typical M.I.A.'s tribalism she adds to her songs, makes of this song, one of the probably best songs from "Go! Pop! Bang!".

Vía: I Love Music Pop

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