domingo, 1 de julio de 2012

Tops 2012: The best songs of June.

TOP SONGS (June 2012)

IMPORTANTE: Para ver el videoclip (si lo hay), clic en la foto.

IMPORTANT: To watch the music video (if it exists), click in the picture.
10. Mike Tompkins "Stars Align"

9. Alicia Keys "New Day"

8. Dot Rotten "Overload (feat. TMS)"

7. Calvin Harris "We'll Be Coming Back (feat. Example)"

6. Dover "What Goes Around Comes Around"

5. Fiona Apple "Every Single Night"

4. Passion Pit "I'll Be Alright"

3. The Royal Concept "Gimme Twice"

2. Linkin Park "Victimized"

1. Rome "Dedication"

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